About Jay Freer

Scientist/Farmer Jay Freer has 20 years of experience with Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. He led the Station’s tart cherry variety trial collection for 15 years, evaluating varieties for their promise for New York growers, and also works with the Station’s plum collection. Jay recalls a seedling apple tree that grew outside his family’s home produced apples that made ‘a nice applesauce.’ Years later, he spent two fall seasons sampling apples from the Station’s national apple collection searching for one that tasted the same. Jay didn’t find that particular apple, but did find another that also makes ‘a nice applesauce.’

Freer Collection Orchards

The Freer Collection’s Geneva Crabapplesauce™ and Watson™ Plum Jam are both made from the fruit of Jay’s own long-established orchard in Geneva. The Tart Cherry Sorbet is a blend of three varieties sourced from an orchard in Niagara County, New York. Each recipe is a result of Jay’s professional understanding of the development of these fruits, and time in the kitchen tasting again and again.

Freer Fruit Products

Why does Jay Freer make his Geneva Crabapplesauce™, Tart Cherry Sorbet, and Watson™ Plum Jam? Because no one else is making delicious, high-quality fruit products using these simple, unique ingredients.